One hundred baseball seasons ago, Babe Ruth redefined what a ball player was. He was a top notch pitcher and a slugger. Well, Shohei Ohtani is the current day Babe Ruth. Is there big pressure in baseball and on the first tee when you play? You bet.

If you are a baseball fan, or simply a sports fan, you might want to keep an eye on Ohtani’s developments with the Los Angeles Angels this year. This story from The Ringer, by Zach Kram, will take you through a fascinating comparison of the two players. Talk about pressure! Read about it here. 

The pressure you feel each time you stick the peg in the ground on the first tee probably doesn’t rival these emotions, but The Golf Shop at Eastman can help ease the stress. Equipment is remarkably improved (I do think the manufacturers have lost their minds with prices) over the last ten years. Launch monitors are supplying space-aged data in seconds. Can you benefit? The short answer is yes. MYGOLFSPY recently released it’s findings in a piece called 2018 Most Wanted Driver. Read about it here.

What this their conclusion of which three drivers for 2018 are most wanted? You’ll have to read the piece. Point is, The Golf Shop at Eastman has all three in stock and a pretty good additional brand, too.

 Left to right – Callaway Rogue, Ping G400, TaylorMade M3

How can you justify the purchase? We have the Eagle Program. Read about it here.