Golf in New Hampshire is a lousy topic for the spring of 2020. Covid-19 is wrecking havoc with the sociability of golfers. Sorry, Zoom doesn’t cut it just like hitting a golf ball into a net doesn’t substitute for a high flying 220 yard drive outdoors. How about we conjure up a happy thought for golfers? Group play!

One of the big reasons people don’t play golf is because they don’t have a friend to play with them. At Eastman Golf Links there are at least a half dozen play groups to participate in. Groups are available to men and women each week. Either the golf shop or a particular golf member directs each group. Sign up by a certain day and time and you are good to go. Foursomes are made by the group leader and typically emailed to you with at least 24 hour notice. Simple.

          Check out the weekly EGL groups here.

From a business perspective these groups have been instrumental in attracting new golf members to Eastman because the group play allows new friends to made almost instantly.

Andy Padden is a great example of the camaraderie that occurs within the groups.

“There are many things I like about Eastman Golf, but the people are the best part! When I joined 5 years ago, I hadn’t ever played much golf, and really didn’t know what I was doing. I was encouraged to join several of the golf groups, but felt funny about it because I was such a beginner. Five years later I play in 3 groups, have learned a lot about the game, and have made many friends. The groups are different in level of play, but all are welcoming, and have just the right amount of competition for me.”

Golfers have many different reasons to join a group but whatever your reason is we can guarantee you’ll make new friends very quickly. Most of the work setting up the weekly game is done for you, too. As a golf member all you need is a smile, a willingness to laugh, a few extra golf balls and an email address. Winners of the day are determined immediately following golf in the pub.

Email Mark Larrabee, Golf Professional at Eastman Golf Links, if we can answer group golf questions for you.

See you when the Covid-19 fog lifts.